The Installation of LED Display System at Gocheok Sky Dome Baseball Park

Name 삼익전자 Date 2017.03.08
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LED Display System at Gocheok Sky Dome Baseball Park


Samik Electronics prepares the 2017 World Baseball Classic with high expectations by implementing the cutting-edge LED display systems in the first and third outfield at Gocheok Sky Dome Baseball Park.

In a full HD (1872 x 800) high definition screen with the width of 28.32(w)m x 12(h)m, the front part of the screen is particularly designed to prevent any damage caused by the batted ball and the optimal operation stability is achieved due to multi-signal transmission method, which all makes great contributions to the successful World Baseball Classic ever held in Korea.




Screen at First Base
- Screen Size : (W)28.32m X (H)12m

Screen at Third Base
- Screen Size : (W)28.32m X (H)12m

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